“The Plan”…. Moving Forward

I had mentioned that I was planning a homeschool reboot, but never really got around to sharing what we were going to do. This year has been a rather long and bumpy road thus far, and rather than detailing where we've been, I'm just going to share where we're going and what we're using. We [...]


The Homeschool Identity Issue

Gender identity, cultural identity, religious identity, personal identity... they are all sub-types of the (one of ) the "big" cultural topics du jour. Your identity supposedly defines who you are as a person. While I don't typically buy into these newfangled pop-culture ideas, I admit that identity is often just as much an issue among [...]

So Your Child Wants to Learn…

So as you can tell in my previous posts, I feel very strongly about early academics. This belief is not just some random personal opinion, but one that is backed up by several studies. That said, I also believe that all children are individual, and as such, some children will naturally (meaning without Mom or [...]

Delayed Academics (aka Developmentally Appropriate Learning)

Just today this article was shared on a Facebook homeschooling group I'm part of: http://nancyebailey.com/2014/02/02/setting-children-up-to-hate-reading/ I really enjoyed the article. Not because it was the most well-written or scientifically backed up article, but just because of it's message, which essentially was - back off of early academics! Today, when people choose to postpone formal learning [...]

The Right Way is Your Way

This is our 5th official year of homeschooling, having started right from the get-go with Kindergarten. Granted, you could even say this is our sixth year, if you count my son's preschool year when we started out with Rod & Staff's ABC series. In those 5/6 years, we have tried more curriculum than I can [...]