Life and Learning

I am afraid this may turn into an eclectic post, filled with my rambling thoughts on life and learning, and how we approach each in our home. I've written a few times that this year has been a growing and changing year in our homeschool, but the truth is when I think about it, I [...]


Nature Study 101

We love nature here, and I have always loved the Charlotte Mason idea of Nature Study. Yet, it is something that I confess, rarely ever seems to happen in our home. Even though the concept is simple, I (like so many others), felt like I would benefit from a guide; something to walk me through [...]

Simplicity Childhood

Last night I had a freelance assignment of covering a screening of Waldorf-educator Kim Hunter's film, "Time to Play". The film talks about the developmental need for allowing young children ample time for unstructured play, and how we need to work as a society at bringing this back as an early childhood priority. The screening [...]

Circle Time at Home

A traditional element of Waldorf schools and homes is Circle Time. A good description of a traditional Waldorf Circle Time is this one, from Lavender's Blue Homeschool - a Waldorf Kindergarten program: "In a Waldorf kindergarten (and in the early grades as well), music and movement happen throughout the day but there is also a [...]

A Historical Love Affair

I have written before about my love of King's Landing, a re-enactment of a historical settlement village located within an hour's drive of our hometown. The love affair dates back roughly 20 years now, to when I was a child. In all honesty, I don't even remember my first trip there - was I taken [...]

Less is More

I was reading through the Oak Meadow Kindergarten syllabus tonight, preparing myself for the week ahead, when I came to a section on Creative Play. I loved what I read there. It summarizes so well Waldorf beliefs. But more than that, it summarizes what many parents around the globe have known, what "experts" are now [...]