Weekly Link Up: Angels

This week’s topic is a bit of toughie for me, as the concept of angels is still a bit new to me, having been raised Protestant. Growing up in a Baptist church, the only talk of angels was of the angel Gabriel visting Mary, and the angels who appeared to the shepherds in the field. The idea that we all have a Guardian Angel watching over us was certainly never taught, and really was considered a “Crazy Catholic” idea, right up there with “statue worshiping”.

Since I have converted to Catholicism, I am slowly learning some of the gaps in what I was taught as a Protestant, and one of those gaps was  the teaching on angels. A quick Google search (or an in depth reading of your Bible) quickly reveals that angels are talked about in great detail. While I wish I had the time to sit and list out all the Biblical references to angels, I unfortunately do not. What I can tell you however, is that it is very clear that God has entrusted our care to angels, and that yes, He has given us all a guardian angel (or perhaps angels) to watch over us and protect us from harm.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our weekly topic, brought to you by Sweeping Up Joy.

1. Naming your Guardian Angel: yea or nay?

Well, here’s my confession… until I read this question, I didn’t know that naming your Guardian Angel was a thing! So, I would have to answer this with a nay.  I really appreciated reading Alicia’s answer on this, and I realize that I don’t think it’s a wise idea, lest we be summoning a fallen spirit. And how do we know which name would be okay for a good angel, but not okay for a bad angel?

2. Have you had any angel experiences?

Well, once again, honestly… I had never really given it much thought before this post. Initially I probably would have said no. But when I think about it… definitely. I think of the time my son ran out in front of an oncoming vehicle and yet the car was able to stop in time. I think of the near-misses we’ve had with car accidents. I think of the day I watched my 18 month old fall off the side of our stairs landing flat on her back on our desk,hitting her head – something which likely should have hurt her, broken something, given her a concussion – and instead she jumped up and walked off to play. I think of the way my daughter has lived in chronic pain for years now, and yet still lives every day with a smile and energy, and runs and jumps and plays and laughs. Surely her angel is with her. I think of how my son is making great strides with his sensory disorder. I think of the day he overcame his fear and jumped off the diving board, which was a HUGE accomplishment for him. I think his angel was there, giving him strength. And I know my angel is with me – when I’m feeling anxious, and suddenly the panic goes away. And I know my angel has watched over me at other times, as well.

3. How have you shared about angels with your kids?

We honestly haven’t talked about angels much. We have mentioned our guardian angel, but that’s about it. Thankfully, this post has inspired me (along with reading the linked letter of Padre Pio) to change that. I’m hoping to explore some of the resources given in Alicia’s post, and I want to become more intentional on teaching my children about their guardian angel, and also for all of us to become intentional on remembering our angel and praying to them daily.


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