Canadian Literature List

For me, one of the hardest things about homeschooling is that I am Canadian. Now, this isn’t such a big deal when it comes to learning to read, language arts, science etc…  Even for math it’s not such a big deal. But the problem comes into play when you want to do social studies, or use an all-in-one curriculum.

There are oodles of beautiful curriculums out there – wonderful all-in-one curriculums that have all the lesson planning done for you. They have tidy checklists that give you all your to-dos and to-reads in one conveniently laid out teacher’s guide. And they’re all American. The history is all about the United States. So you’re left trying to piece together your own history lessons. Likewise, you can buy some beautiful independent social studies curriculums, but yet again, the vast majority are American.

For those that enjoy living books, the same problem can arise. The vast majority of the children’s literature market is American. It can be hard to find good quality Canadian children’s literature, history books etc…

So I have decided to put together a list. Some of the books are ones that I personally own, others are suggestions I have found online. I have also included a link to a well put-together Canadian history reading list. It will also be a constantly ongoing project, with more books added as they are found, so remember to check back frequently!

Chapter Books: 

Great Canadian Animal Stories

Great Canadian Adventure Stories

Our Little Canadian Cousin by Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald

Incredible Journey

Little Prairie Girl

Canadian Flyer Adventure series

Canadian Wonder Tales by Cyrus MacMillan

Anne of Green Gables series

Canadian Wonder Tales


Where Wild Flowers Grow

In Fields and Woods

A Book of Canadian Animals

A Second Book of Canadian Animals

The Wilds of Whip-Poor-Will Farm


New Brunswick, It’s History and It’s People by William and Carole Spray

Social Studies:

O, Canada by Susan Barclay

General Brock and Niagra Falls by Samuel Adams Hopkins

Indian Legends of Canada by Claude Melancon

The Big Book of Canada by Christopher Moore

Coming to Canada by Susan Hughes

The Spirit of Canada by Barbara Hehner

The Story of Canada by Janet Lunn

Caring for a Colony: The Story of Jeanne Mance

River of Dreams: The Story of the Hudson River

Winds through Time by Ann Walsh

Beginnings: Stories of Canada’s Past by Ann Walsh

Stories of the Maple Land by Katherine A. Young


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