Catholic Heritage Curriculum

We have used and/or tried several different products from Catholic Heritage Curriculum. I really like this company, and I have found their products to be great quality, good value and their customer service is excellent. Unfortunately, so many Catholic homeschool products tend to be very dry – however, I do not find this at all with CHC. I enjoy their products, and plan on purchasing many more from them in the future!

LSLF-together8-web,1Little Stories for Little Folks phonics

We used this during my son’s grade one year. Little Stories is a complete phonics curriculum designed to be used from PreK thru grade 1. It starts you from the days of letter recognition and beginning sounds and finishes with your child reading on a second grade level. The value is phenomenal when you consider that you’re getting three years of phonics for only $32.95! Plus, everything you need is in the book – teaching instructions, all the manipulatives like colorful cardstock flash cards, games and then of course the set of forty-five readers and corresponding worksheets. This course is perfectly stand-alone, however it can be reinforced with their spelling and handwriting programs, and instructions are given on each lesson for doing so, if you so choose.

My son’s reading truly exploded using this program. He absolutely loved everything about it. He loved being able to get a “new book” each week, he enjoyed the Name Game (a reinforcement activity that is done many weeks, teaching word families), and he loved the Silly Sentences game (which helps familiarize the child with common sight words, and also teaches the concepts of noun, verb, preposition and article). The worksheets aided in comprehension and reading practice and were a perfect length. He loved this course so much, that we finished it well ahead of schedule, at age six and a half , he is now easily reading on a grade three level. I would recommend this program hands down to anyone. And while it is a Catholic curriculum, and there are a few books that directly reference Catholicism such as referring to nuns, first communion or the pope, I have recommended this program to many Protestant friends as well, as almost all the books are very doctrinally generic.


bgcBuilding Good Character

These cards are a really nice resource. They cover 32 different character virtues. Each one is printed on card stock and can be colored by the child. The idea is that you can then place them somewhere in easy view of the child, and when you see them demonstrating that particular trait, there is a place to put a reward sticker on the card – and for our son, that was a great reward. He loved seeing that he was being “a good boy”. On the bottom of each card is a memory verse or poem pertaining to the trait, and each card also lists a suggested read-aloud stories from Devotional Stories for Little Folks and Devotional Stories from Little Folks, Too. We did not order the devotionals, just the cards, and I’ll admit I wish we had ordered the devotionals. They would really add to the character lesson. However, when you consider that purchasing all three resources is $50.85 before shipping, that makes it unaffordable for many families. I would love to see Catholic Heritage offer these three items in a bundle, at a discounted price.  One other thing we really liked about these cards is how well they lend themselves to being used for copywork and/or dictation: the verse on the bottom of the card can easily be used for this purpose.


bas1Behold & See: On the Farm with Josh & Hanna (Science)

This is an all in one science text (no extra teacher’s manual/workbook required) that covers many different science topics by following the seasons. Some of the items touched on include: weather, seeds, trees, mammals, fish, birds, skeletons and exoskeletons, how animals prepare for winter. It also covers the five senses. All work is done in the book, and there are several hands-on projects, as well as fine motor skill activities like cut and paste etc… I will admit we didn’t end up using the book – however, through no fault of the program!

My husband and I both thoroughly loved this book as we read through it. It has a lovely, gentle introduction to science, and covers topics most children will thoroughly enjoy. While it in part reads as a textbook, it is engaging and not dry at all. The language is simple, and pictures plentiful. I would recommend it to anyone.  However, it’s gentleness in the end, is the reason we didn’t use it – as our son is quite an advanced science  student. Considering that he sits and reads adult-level animal and nature encyclopedias for fun, and wants science every single day, with lots of experiments, we needed a something a little more advanced. Aside from that however, I would recommend it to anyone. The price is also great – only $26.95, and when you look at the price on many science curriculum, you’ll realize what a bargain that is.


mvfcsMy Catholic Speller

We started using this speller alongside the Little Stories for Little Folks curriculum program. My Very First Catholic Speller is a gentle introduction to phonics-based spelling. It reinforces the lessons taught and teaches children to spell words such as at, cat, mat, Mass etc… It includes cardstock letter tiles to give the child a hands-on reinforcement. All instructions for presenting the lesson are included in the book.

This is a nice, gentle introduction to spelling. I found the exercises a nice length with just the right amount of writing, especially for children who may still be reluctant to do much handwriting. The daily lessons were short and a nice reinforcement to the phonics lesson. The only “negative” thing I found is that I find their line spacing too large, as by grade one most children are writing in smaller lines than are found in this book, but that’s a minor detail. Again, I found it very reasonably priced at only $12.95.


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