An Unproductive Sort of Day

It’s been one of those days… you know the ones. You have a little girl that’s sick with a cold who’s nose is set to “run non-stop”, and every time she sneezes she leaves puddles on the floor for you to clean up. Your other child’s volume is set to “loud” and despite the thousand times you’ve asked him to turn it down, it just keeps creeping back up again. It’s been the sort of day where as much as you love your child you feel like if you have to listen to them sing the Pokemon theme song one more time you’re going to scream. The sort of day that loves to mess up your plans.

Like every other day,  I had things on my to-do list which I planned on accomplishing today. Yet, here we are at 4:30 and I realize that none of those have gotten done. Laundry is still on the floor waiting to be put away, the counter is still covered in dishes, and my son’s homeschool lessons haven’t even been started. And, if you really want to heap on the guilt – I took a nap today. I’m not only defective, I’m lazy.

As I was (finally) putting the clean dishes away, so I could reload the dishwasher and make room on my counter to start supper, I mentally went back over my day to see where I had gone wrong. As I thought about it, I had to admit, it was quite easy to see where some of the time had went, the nap being an obvious one. Then of course, taking care of my daughter certainly took a bit of extra time today.

I really had full intentions of doing lessons with my son today. In fact, at 1:00 pm I told him it was lesson time. My daughter was sleeping, and he was watching Pokemon. Thomas asked if he could finish the show first, and since there was only 10 minutes left, I agreed. I was tired, our daughter had been up several times in the night, so I thought it would be nice to just take a quick rest while he finished the show, so I laid down in front of the fire and closed my eyes for a quick minute. I woke up forty-five minutes later at 2:00, with the children standing over me, giggling.

Then there was the meltdown my daughter had this afternoon. From the time it started, until all was finally done, apologies said, and tears wiped away, was a good forty-five minutes. And I had forgotten about the impromptu trip to town I took this morning, on the hunt for some cold medicine for my daughter.  I guess there had been some valid interruptions to my day. But still, did those two or three hours of interruptions really create the piles of untouched laundry and dishes?  What had I done all day?

Something caught my attention in the corner of my eye – the gingerbread house! I had forgotten all about it. We decorated it this morning, the children giggling as they tried to sneak icing right in front of me. As I continued cleaning the counters, I had to move something out of my way – the rosaries! We had made pony bead rosaries this morning, in preparation for Ashley’s new preschool curriculum we were going to start. We sat on the floor together as my daughter rested, watching a movie, stringing the beads. Afterwards, we held the new rosaries and prayed together.

Thinking of her new preschool curriculum, made me remember the coloring we had done this afternoon. We are creating a nativity set to play with, out of paper templates that we’ll wrap around toilet paper tubes so that they can “stand”. The three of us laid on the floor together, coloring angels and donkeys and wise men, after my daughter’s (okay, okay, and my) nap this afternoon.  We even attempted to start her new preschool program this afternoon, after we colored. We sat down  together for circle time, singing Jesus Loves Me, and the ABC song, however we didn’t get too far into it before her meltdown started. The rest of it as they say, is history.

I smiled as I finished the dishes. I sure didn’t get much accomplished off my to-do list today, but as I looked at the gingerbread house, the new rosaries and the pages we colored together, I realized I got quite a bit done after all.

DSC_0023 DSC_0018


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