Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us here in Canada. Canada’s celebration of Thanksgiving Day is steeped in history, with several various elements in the mix. However, the overall meaning of it can be summed up in the 1957 Parliament proclamation:

A day of general thanksgiving to the Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.

Our homeschool year is following fairly close to the public school’s calendar this year, so we decided to take this entire week “off” as well, in a sense. Instead of doing our Heart of Dakota curriculum, we have cut our lessons back to just the basics of math and reading. Then, we have added in some great activities focusing on Thanksgiving Day, that I thought I would share. Who knows, maybe somebody will enjoy my ideas and want to try them out!

Our Thanksgiving “spine” is Barbara Greenwood’s book: A Prairie Thanksgiving. This book depicts what life was like in the 1840’s for a fictional family, as they prepare for Thanksgiving. It reads as a story, while giving fact, and also includes many suggested activities that you can complete such as making cranberry sauce, weaving a nutting basket, baking festival bread, making traditional games and more. Each day this week we’ll be reading pages from the book and completing one of the recommended activities. Today we kicked off by making cranberry sauce that we will eat with our dinner on Sunday:

DSC_0003 copy

Then, each day we are also reading a storybook about Thanksgiving, completing a Thanksgiving worksheet, and making a craft of some sort that we will use to decorate the house for dinner. We found our Thanksgiving worksheets at Enchanted Learning.  I can’t recommend this website enough for homeschooling families. The site requires a one-time membership fee of $25, which then gives you unlimited access to thousands and thousands of worksheets, craft templates, coloring pages and other printables.  Our worksheets for the week will include a word scramble, a contrasting activity between apples and pumpkins, an information worksheet on turkeys, a skip counting worksheet as well as a writing assignment on the topic of  “Gratitude”.


Our crafts for the week will decorations to display during our dinner, as well as a Pin the Feathers on the Turkey game for the kids to play. We found our crafts in a great book called Easy to Do Holiday Crafts. I highly recommend trying to find a used copy of this book (Amazon has it starting at $0.18). The book contains over 1000 crafts, complete with pictures of the finished product, and easy step by step instructions. They have crafts for all the main holidays of the year, and even some crafts for any season.

Lastly, we’ll be reading. Not a big shocker, I know, given our love of books. I did realize during my preparation that our “home library” of 1000 books, actually only contains one book that even remotely could be used for Thanksgiving! So we made a trip to the library to supplement, and I will now be on the hunt over the next year to beef up our collection. Our selections for the week were:

Thanksgiving Day in Canada
Winnie the Pooh’s Thanksgiving

Give Thanks to the Lord

Thanksgiving is Here!

Thankful Together

The first day went great and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week. It’s nice to have a break from the “norm”, enjoyable as our norm is this year.


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