Faith in this World

What a crazy week this has been – first the horrific Boston bombings, then only two days later we hear about the threat to President Obama, learning that he was mailed a letter containing ricin, then the tragic Texas explosion just last night.

As I heard about the Boston bombings, almost 4 months to the day after the tragic Sandy Hook school shootings, seeing the photos on CNN of terrified parents running their children to safety, I wondered, “Is there nowhere safe left for children these days?” Events like Monday leave your feeling of security a trembling a bit, for some, shattered. I’ve visited Boston several times in my life, and always felt safe there – until Monday.

I’ll admit, hearing about the ricin-containing letter that was mailed to President Obama shook me up a bit. I find it scary how easily people can get their hands on these contents, and it opens your eyes a bit to just how real of a threat bio-terrorism could be. I wondered what this world is coming to. As a parent, I’ll admit at times I fear for the world that my children are going to grow up in.

And then of course hearing about the tragic Texas explosion. While certainly not an intentional act of evil, it was still an incredibly sad event, the straw on the back of a week of faith-testing events. As a woman with a strong faith in God, I know that there are things in this world that can’t be explained, but being human, sometimes I still wonder, “Why?”

Weeks like this one has been have the ability to shake our faith – our faith in God, our faith in humanity. It seems all we ever hear is bad news when we turn on the television: another shooting, another bombing, more talks of possible war. Is the evil in this world starting to conquer the good?

Today, I found out it’s not.

A few months ago I placed an ad on a homeschool classifieds site looking for a used copy of a certain curriculum guide. A week or two went by without any response, and I forgot all about it. Then suddenly a week or so ago I received an email from a woman – she had a copy of the guide for sale. I thanked her for contacting me, but told her that at this time, I just couldn’t afford it.

She replied, asking me if she could send it to me for free. Shocked, I accepted. A little while later I receive another email from her, asking if we had used another program they offer, that she also had that one for sale. I informed her that no, we hadn’t. I went on to say that I would like to in the future, but that again, my husband was currently laid off, and we just couldn’t afford to buy anything, though I appreciated her offering me such a good price.

A little while later, I received yet another email from her – she was sending the second guide along with the first one, free of charge. She said she was also going to throw in a few magazines that we might find helpful for the lessons. I was truly appreciative, and thanked her.

Today, the box arrived. It was large and heavy. When we returned home I opened it up, and was shocked at what I saw:

There were the promised curriculum guides and magazines, but it was everything else that shocked me – inside the large box were crammed brand new pencils, packs of paper, notepads, notebooks, coloring books, a game, a world map, a ruler and extra booksAs if that wasn’t enough, there on bottom was the complete curriculum package that went along with one of the guides. I should mention that this curriculum package has a retail value of $300.

I just sat and cried. Our family was the recipient of a few very charitable acts when our daughter was sick, but it never fails to surprise me, to touch me – to overwhelm me. This blessed woman, and her generosity for a total stranger, and those like her, she is what is still right with this world.



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