Random Shots from a Mother’s Day

It’s 4:57. I’m just getting around to the dishes now – the same ones I had planned to have done by 10:00 this morning. The children’s laundry is still in a basket upstairs waiting to be put away. We still haven’t even touched our “school books” (as my son calls them). Overall, I would say we had a very  unproductive day. Or maybe it wasn’t. We did after all get the mail, get groceries and fill the car up with gas. But the items on my housecleaning list did not get done.

As I sit here typing, photos from my camera are uploading. Photos that I took of our day. As I look through them, I realize what a telling glimpse into our life they are. Like this one:


Yes. That is a piece of cheese stuck to the wall. I didn’t find it until almost four hours after lunch time was over. I’m not 100% sure which of my children did it, though I have suspicions (Moms always do). I had to laugh when I saw it. I thought to myself, “Yet another one of those moments in parenting, that no one warns you about – food stuck on walls.”

Then there’s this photo:


Yes. This is why lessons didn’t get done today. We’ll chalk today up to an outdoor P.E. class. What can I say? It was a sunny, warm (relatively, for Canada) spring day. There were mud puddles. What else could we really do? They had to play in them! And play they did. They spent in total almost two hours outside playing today. They played on the swing set, they jumped on the trampoline, and they got horrifically dirty playing in mud puddles.  My daughter truly managed to get herself covered head to toe:



Of course once they were done playing, the muddy monsters wanted back in the house. So that led to this:


I might be crazy enough to let them soak themselves in mud puddles – I’m not crazy enough to let them walk in my house afterwards like that! My apologies to the neighbours for the streak show this afternoon. Yup, I stripped the children down to their drawers (and actually my son stripped himself down to nothing) before they came in the house. You can guess where I sent them:


And that was our day. Just a random day in the Hanson household, but a typical day for us: food left in random places, the kids had a blast making a mess, and lots of smiles and laughter!




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