The Good Ol’ Days?

It often happens among homeschoolers, and even among the general population, that we tend to idealize the 'days of 'yore' when it comes to education. We look at the relatively impressive academic outcomes of the 1800s and early 1900s, and see a time when students had stronger arithmetic and grammar skills, as well as a [...]


The Homeschool Identity Issue

Gender identity, cultural identity, religious identity, personal identity... they are all sub-types of the (one of ) the "big" cultural topics du jour. Your identity supposedly defines who you are as a person. While I don't typically buy into these newfangled pop-culture ideas, I admit that identity is often just as much an issue among [...]

New Year, New Plans, New Blog

As I sat down to write, I found myself shocked that I had not written since last April. I started this blog four years ago, with the intention of it featuring an eclectic mix of topics such as general life and homesteading (which we participate in lightly) to homeschooling and life with special needs. I [...]


Life and Learning

I am afraid this may turn into an eclectic post, filled with my rambling thoughts on life and learning, and how we approach each in our home. I've written a few times that this year has been a growing and changing year in our homeschool, but the truth is when I think about it, I [...]


Nature Study 101

We love nature here, and I have always loved the Charlotte Mason idea of Nature Study. Yet, it is something that I confess, rarely ever seems to happen in our home. Even though the concept is simple, I (like so many others), felt like I would benefit from a guide; something to walk me through [...]


So Your Child Wants to Learn…

So as you can tell in my previous posts, I feel very strongly about early academics. This belief is not just some random personal opinion, but one that is backed up by several studies. That said, I also believe that all children are individual, and as such, some children will naturally (meaning without Mom or [...]


Time to Play

Back in October, I had the privilege of attending a film screening, which was showing Waldorf-educator Kim Hunter's film, “A Time to Play”. Kim Hunter, a Canadian native, became a Waldorf early childhood educator in 1996, teaching at the Vancouver Waldorf School. She then went on to start a new program at her home on [...]